TM Capital’s Internship Program Featured in Bates News

August 2013 | News & Press

Bates News interviews TM Capital summer intern Zach Polich ’15 regarding the Company’s internship program and his work with Managing Director Brad Adams ’92.


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At the Boston office of TM Capital, Ladd intern Zach Polich is learning what investment banking is really like.

Name: Zach Polich ’15
Hometown: Westborough, Mass.
Major: Economics
Internship Sponsor: The college’s Ladd Internship Program offers Bates-funded summer internships with for-profit and nonprofit businesses that often feature alumni networking opportunities.

1. Can you describe a typical day in your office?
I take the train from Westborough into Boston and arrive in the office around 8:30 a.m. Typically I work alongside the analysts, but I’ve also had the opportunity to work directly on projects for Brad Adams ’92.

Analysts’ work mainly involves performing in-depth industry research, creating both written and visual portions of pitch books for potential clients and refining confidential information memorandums or management presentations.

By the time I finish my evening run — I do cross country at Bates — and get home to Westborough it’s about 10:30.

2. How does the work you’re doing at TM Capital connect to your studies at Bates?
I wouldn’t say the coursework I’ve done in my major and minor, economics and math, correlates directly with what I do on a daily basis at TM, but many of my courses emphasize the ability to creatively position information and think abstractly, which is what this industry is all about.

3. What are you learning about the workplace?
Before this summer, I couldn’t explain my desire to get into investment banking beyond saying “I’ve read about it on Vault,” or “It sounds interesting and would fit my personality.” This opportunity gave me a tangible experience that I can speak to as to why I want to pursue a career in the field.

I’ve also learned the importance of workplace culture. Finding a work environment that fits your personality — rather than just chasing prestige — is an aspect of the job search that I might have overlooked had I not had this experience.

For me, the culture at TM Capital was a great fit. The environment had a collegial feel that enhanced efficiency, helping meet important project deadlines. I love it here.

4. What has been the most valuable part of your experience at TM Capital so far?
Having the opportunity to work on projects alongside the analysts every day.

Working on various aspects of a deal cycle — from the initial solicitation to the closing management presentation — has not only given me a true sense of what I would work on as an analyst but also provided insight into tasks and responsibilities at all levels of management.


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